Improving GCSE results for 4/5 pupils
Discover new resources, activities and strategies to inspire your pupils

Thousands of maths teachers have attended these events since 2006 - when asked why they attended, many teachers indicated that it was a recommendation from the head of maths/maths advisor, or word of mouth

These events are based on a very successful maths club programme I’ve been running in Manchester at some local universities to support GCSE students who are expected to achieve level 4 or 5, with a view to ensuring they do as well as possible.

We've done lots of work throughout the year on fractions, ratio, shape and space, number, maths vocabulary and lots and lots of problem-solving.  This scheme has been very well received with several hundred Y9-11 pupils taking part.

This practical seminar offers you the opportunity to go through all of these resources, that have proved to be so successful with these students and their teachers, working through all the materials and with lots of time for discussion and adapting materials.  There will be follow-up events as I'll be running more of these sessions covering further key GCSE topics.

The topics covered at the events will be

  1. fractions

  2. ratio

  3. geometry

  4. number

  5. maths vocabulary

  6. lots and lots of problem-solving

You'll work in small groups and pairs, work through all the resources, and swap ideas and experiences with other maths teachers.

Feedback from both students and teachers taking part in the maths club has been overwhelmingly positive, and so I hope that you will be interested in attending.

The dates for the next events are:

  1. Manchester - Wednesday 20th March 2019
  2. Central London - Thursday 21st March 2019 

The cost will be £115 per person, including all resources, lunch and refreshments.

To register please call 07564 721 035 or click here 

'more excellent resources - and a chance to discuss how to implement them'
delegate from Spring 2013 London event

'The best course I've been on in twenty years'
delegate from Spring 2014 London event

To register please click here

Maths Teacher Meetings are specifically designed to provide mathematics teachers with practical, hands-on resources and activities which they can use in their classrooms, designed to raise attainment and enthusiasm, to engage students and to encourage a can-do attitude to mathematics in pupils of all abilities.

The focus is on problem-solving: helping students to develop the skills to become accomplished problem-solvers, both at KS3 and as they prepare for GCSE (9-1) assessment.

The events support classroom teaching, meeting maths teacher needs and are unlike anything else on offer. Maths teachers have the opportunity to test out and evaluate a variety of new rich mathematical tasks, to talk to other maths teachers, share ideas and experiences and gain inspiration!

The agendas include activities and resources for KS3 and KS4 pupils across foundation and higher-tier ability levels, and examining ways of making foundation material more accessible to lower-ability students

Topics will include new and tried-and tested approaches to 

  1. fractions, decimals, percentages
  2. Venn diagrams
  3. kinematics
  4. geometry
  5. ratio, proportion
  6. algebra
  7. logic

Practical maths resources that work

As a delegate, you try out all the materials and resources on offer, working in small groups to share ideas and to adapt the activities for use in your classroom.

The sessions offer practical perspectives on traditionally challenging topics and explore effective ways of using tried and tested resources in the classroom, to stimulate pupils’ interest and so improve attainment and thinking skills.  

Tried and tested materials - use them again and again

The seminars are thoroughly researched with teachers in advance, to ensure that they are timely and informative, meeting maths teacher requirements and offering access to both 'tried and tested' and new ideas and activities.

Everyone who attends ‘Building Motivation and Attainment in Mathematics’ completes an evaluation form, and last summer 98% of the delegates indicated that the event had been useful and enjoyable.  Speaker feedback was excellent, with the practical nature of the events being particularly appreciated.

What's included

The cost of attending one of these seminars is £115 per person, which includes documentation, a CD of all materials, lunch and refreshments.

These courses can also be run in-house; please call 07564 721 035 for more details.

To register please call 07564 721 035 or email us here  

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       Try some questions

Find the two-digit number
  • greater than the product of 5 and 10
  • sum of the digits is even
  • not a multiple of 7
  • divisible by 3
  • first digit is bigger than the second
  • one more than a prime

Number fact

 Is 3,599 prime?  

Can you prove it?

Are these statements true always, sometimes or never?  And why?

  • if you add 1 to a number, will your answer be more than the answer?
  • If you divide a number by 2, will your answer be less than the number?
  • If you add a number to 1, will your answer be more than 1? 

     A question of algebra

Why are all numbers of the form

n3- n

                 multiples of 3?