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Dates for maths teacher meetings 2018
New course! Improving GCSE results for 3/4/5 pupils

These events are based on a very successful maths club programme I’ve been running in Manchester at some local universities to support GCSE students who are expected to achieve level 3, 4 or 5, with a view to ensuring they do as well as possible.

We've done lots of work throughout the year on fractions, ratio, shape and space, number, maths vocabulary and lots and lots of problem-solving.  This scheme has been very well received with several hundred Y9-11 pupils taking part.

This practical seminar offers you the opportunity to go through all of these resources, that have proved to be so successful with these students and their teachers, working through all the materials and with lots of time for discussion and adapting materials.  There will be follow-up events as I'll be running more of these sessions covering further key GCSE topics.

The dates for the next events are:

  • Wednesday 20th March 2019 - Manchester
  • Thursday 21st March 2019  Central London
The cost is £115 per person and includes all refreshments and resources.

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Thousands of maths teachers have attended these events since 2006 - when asked why they attended, many teachers indicated that it was a recommendation from the head of maths/maths advisor, or word of mouth.

'A fantastic enrichment day for our Year 8 students. There were plenty of opportunities to explore ideas we do not have chance to do in the classroom, and students worked with fractions without realising they were doing so! Angela went ahead with the day despite our school having "the call" from OFSTED the day before and was complimented on the activities by the inspection team'   Pennie Jewell, AST, Everest Community Academy

Inspiring maths events for teachers, pupils and PGCE students: 

creative and challenging approaches to develop and extend mathematical skills
>> maths teacher meetings for KS3 and KS4 teachers

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  1. How do you encourage pupils to become more creative in mathematical problem-solving?
  2. Where can you quickly access a wide variety of tried-and tested resources to challenge and extend mathematical thinking?
  3. How can you increase enthusiasm and engagement in maths, and offer enjoyable and motivating learning experiences?
  4. What can you do to help ensure that your pupils are performing at the level that they're capable of? 

Over 5,500 teachers and 33,000 pupils from secondary and primary schools have participated in BMAM maths teacher meetings and maths activity days in the last ten years from a wide range of schools.

This national programme of mathematics events offers interesting and exciting ideas and activities designed to support teachers of Mathematics and their pupils in raising mathematical achievement in the classroom, and in equipping students with robust numerical and problem-solving skills.  

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