• "excellent course, practical resources, worth a day off"
  • "ideas in abundance, not available so easily any other way"

  • "seminars are outstanding and have been superbly organised"

  • "activities to stimulate minds and make trickier topics easier to easier to convey and understand"

  • "fabulous – loads of resources and ideas"
"We have also been lucky enough to have had Angela run 3 activity days with our Year 7 pupils. They all enjoyed doing different activities to those normally done in the classroom and they particularly enjoyed making a giant football!".
Karen Dixon, Head of Mathematics, Knights Templar School

"I would like to say how much I enjoy the teachers meetings.  The guest speakers are always entertaining and provide invaluable resources that can be used effectively in the classroom... I know how good the course is when my department are pestering me for the resources as soon as I return".

Darrell Morgan, Head of Maths, Cwmtawe School

"The best source of inspiration and renewal there is"  
Janys Sherwood, Mathematics teacher

"Many of my pupils look forward to my return from 'the Angela Gould course' as they know they will invariably soon be doing something in a new and fun way".
Jon O'Neill, Budehaven School

We have attended Angela Gould's courses for a number of years, firstly in Cornwall and latterly at Exeter University.  In fact, all the members of the maths department at Trinity School attend this course each year.  We have found the courses both enjoyable and valuable and they have refreshed our desire to enrich the mathematical experience of our pupils.  This enrichment includes the following:
  • Investigative activities that reinforce mathematical concepts and techniques, but in a context that is open-ended and creative. These activities also teach investigative and problem-solving skills and generate much mathematical interest and discussion.
  • Practical tasks, such as paper folding, that lead, once again, to interesting mathematics and discussion.
  • Logical puzzles and problem-solving tasks that require students to devise their own systematic approaches and think creatively.
  • Practical approaches or tasks where students are physically involved, standing up, sitting down or moving round the class to solve or investigate mathematical problems in a really enjoyable way.
  • Mathematical games and puzzles that can be used in class or for a maths club or a maths activity event.
  • Fresh approaches to teaching standard mathematics, such as ‘Fractions’ or ‘Algebra’, that can make these difficult topics more accessible to a greater range of students.
Also it is great for maths teachers to engage in interesting activities and to discuss mathematics with other maths teachers. And, if we are excited about mathematics, then there is a much better chance that we can, in turn, excite our own pupils about the subject. All the members of the maths department at Trinity believe that Angela Gould’s maths courses are an appropriate and effective way of stimulating such a positive attitude amongst maths teachers and we are all strongly in support of the courses continuing.

Signed Matthew Fitzpatrick, John Kelly, Beth Taylor, Hamish Erskine and Wendy Grant, the members of the Mathematics Department of Trinity School in Teignmouth


Many, many thanks. You really are a star!!!!!!

The empathy, support and imagination you bring to large group of activities is outstanding. The activities engage students of all abilities. The approaches support and extend the capabilities of even the most reluctant learners.

The activities provide a learning environment that encourages analytical, practical and collaborative thought.

The students this year really enjoyed the activities and have already asked if you are coming back!  Hopefully soon!!!!!!!

Rob Apperley, Head of Mathematics, Pensnett School of Technology


As a Mathematics teacher and Extended Learning Coordinator it is the highlight of each academic year when I am able to see Angela Gould.  Her enthusiasm and professionalism are outstanding!  I really look forward to the teacher’s events at Exeter University and also the activity days which are provided for pupils in our School.

It is so motivational to attend the teacher events as the range of ideas and approaches to topics is vast and it is a great way of meeting other teachers.  I enjoy trying out activities and seeing how topics can be made accessible by the introduction of a different teaching method or an interactive activity.  It is inspirational to leave with a resource pack which is filled with mathematical delights to be shared on my return to School.

Angela has kindly given Mathematics Activity Days in our School as well.  The students were amazed when they were asked to participate in puzzles, quizzes and to construct a giant football.  The enrichment for the whole cohort is tremendous and the days are designed to keep the most able stretched whilst encouraging the students with learning support needs.  Angela manages to convey her love of Mathematics with an enthusiastic and fun-filled approach to all activities.  Students just love to earn a prize at the end of the sessions and for everyone that participates they leave with a smile and a positive memory to associate with Mathematics.

As a School we are very privileged to work with Angela Gould and look forward to her next visit!

Adele Searle, Extended Learning Coordinator, Mathematics Department, St Margaret’s School

We have attended the teacher meetings for the last 4 years running. On 2 occasions the whole dept went as it was a way of us all talking about and doing  Maths outside of the classroom altogether. We value greatly the fact that we come away each time with loads of new materials ready to use in the classroom. The Maths Trails have been especially useful to us. We also enjoy the thought provoking speeches from visiting speakers.

We have also been lucky enough to have had Angela run 3 activity days with our Year 7 pupils. They all enjoyed doing different activities to those normally done in the classroom and they particularly enjoyed making a giant football!

I cannot recommend the value of the meetings highly enough. It is the most useful inset that the department attend.

Karen Dixon, Head of Mathematics, Knights Templar School


These meetings have significantly impacted on and improved both mine and colleagues teaching and the learning of our pupils. So much so that not only do I ensure that I attend a meeting each year, it has now become something of a scramble within the department to be allowed to go. Last year we managed to persuade SLT that five of us, from a department of eight, should attend a meeting (not all to the same one!). The principal speakers are inspirational and have gleaned and/or developed really interesting, exciting and relevant ways to get the maths across. I have had the good fortune to hear Jim Cormican and John Smith (twice) and am using many of the ideas they conveyed on a very regular basis. This has helped tremendously with the department attempt to move away from mostly text book based teaching and has enabled us to carry a few more ‘traditional style’  teachers along with us. Many of my pupils look forward to my return from “the Angela Gould course” as they know they will invariably soon be doing something in a new and fun way. Angela actually came into our school and did a morning session with my year 10 set 3 out of 4 and had a fantastic time. Her enthusiasm and inspiration really motivated them and 23 out of the class of 26 went on to achieve C grades in their GCSE, something which made me very proud indeed. I am eagerly awaiting next year’s meeting.

Jon O'Neill, Budehaven School

I have been to the Teacher meetings at Roedean School in Brighton for the last 4 or 5 years and have found them extremely useful and worthwhile. The most useful aspect is the activities which are provided for use in the classroom - they are always new ideas which challenge and stimulate the more able children. The visiting speakers are always well chosen and, similarly, give a variety of activities and ideas which can be used in the classroom. All the activities have been tried and tested and encourage children to work together in solving mathematical problems. All the information is given to us in a form that can be used in school and can be passed on to colleagues.

I would have no hesitation in recommending these meetings to other teachers.

Paul Shouksmith, Head of Mathematics, St Andrew’s School, Bournemouth


If we had limitless funding for training Ms Gould's sessions would still be my first choice.

If we had limitless time for training Ms Gould's sessions would still be my first choice.

I leave the sessions she organises with a feeling of joy that I am a Maths teacher.  Being with a room full of Maths teachers makes me feel that I am not alone; Maths teachers do have the ability to stop conversations/parties dead just by answering the question ‘what do you do?’  

Every time I come away with my enthusiasm renewed and my students love me going as we all play and learn more after a dose of Angela et al.

As a department we did a deal that we would do all of our training in the evenings, at weekends, on line if possible anything that avoided costs in time or money to the school provided we could all go to the day at Kings.  None of us minded covering for colleagues going out to do training as we knew we had our day to look forward to.

For us this is the best source of inspiration and renewal there is.

Janys Sherwood, Sackville School

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