'..an amazing Maths Day with our Year 4 pupils'

'The children gelled well with each other sharing ideas to solve problems'

'..lots of buzz around school about a fantastic day'

Primary Maths Activity Days

How to fully engage and enthuse your pupils and enhance their learning and understanding of key maths topics

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 Lots of resources and new approaches

Using tested and proven materials, your pupils will take part in a series of challenging and fun maths activities, working in teams of four to solve maths problems and puzzles together.

You'll discover a wide range of practical materials that support and extend pupils' mathematical understanding, focussing on developing problem-solving and thinking skills. 

The resources cover a wide range of topics, including

  1. fractions
  2. shape and space
  3. number
  4. money maths
  5. algebra

The approaches are all designed to help pupils master key maths concepts and ideas and will engage children of all abilities, even the most reluctant learners.

The event is designed around your timetable and your pupils' age and abilities, so you can focus on a specific topic or theme, for example Money Day or G&T day. 

The programme is packed with motivating, enjoyable maths activities, and you'll receive a copy of all the materials so that you can use them again and again in the classroom.

You can run these events in many formats - for a mix of age groups or abilities, for local primaries as a local maths competition, for one year group - lots of possibilities!

To find out more, please call Angela Gould on 07564 721 035, or click here.

What do pupils say about these events?

'What was the most useful thing you learned during this activity?'

  • I enjoyed doing it and it is so fun, it improved my maths brain a lot and I learnt a lot about equations and I want to do it again.  It has also helped me attempt more maths
  • To not rush things and read questions properly!

  • Fractions made easy
  • Equations

  • To work as a team and have patience
  • How to estimate properly
  • I learned how to solve different problems

  • Understanding shapes

  • How to share ideas
  • I learned a lot about graphs and piecharts
  • It's better to get half of it right than all of it wrong

  • You need to use your brain

Other comments

It was ace,

We loved it, it was awesome!

I really enjoyed today!  Thank you so much for making me enjoy maths! It was really helpful!  All the teachers were so kind!

It was very good and we would like to come again.

Today was great, the maths teacher was great, there couldn’t ever be a better day.


Primary Maths Activity Days: download the brochure here

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