Maths Activity Days for KS3 and KS4 pupils

Over 30,000 pupils have taken part in these events!

'A fantastic enrichment day for our Year 8 students. There were plenty of opportunities to explore ideas we do not have chance to do in the classroom, and students worked with fractions without realising they were doing so! Angela went ahead with the day despite our school having "the call" from OFSTED the day before and was complimented on the activities by the inspection team'   

Pennie Jewell, AST, Everest Community Academy


Motivating and enriching team maths activities for KS3 and KS4 pupils

Teams of four students take part in a challenging and interesting programme of two half-days of maths activities for groups of up to 60 students, of any ability range, during which the timetable is suspended and they do maths.

Maths activity days are designed to extend even the most able as well as more reluctant learners - raising enthusiasm and attainment in mathematics by giving students a wide range of tried-and-tested maths activities to solve. 

Materials to use again & again

Teachers receive a copy of all the materials, in hard copy and electronically, to use in the classroom.

How does it work?

Timings and activities are very flexible although each session needs at least two hours to give enough time to complete the activities.

We run the activities in a flat room with pupils seated in teams at tables. Each student receives a certificate and there are prizes for the best-performing teams.

The cost of running one of these sessions varies slightly according to the location of your school, and the events are priced to offer good value for money as well as a great maths experience for you and your pupils.

The fee is usually between £450 and £595, which includes
  • resources & activities
  • certificates & prizes
  • a set of resources for the school
  • all necessary travel and accommodation costs.  

A discount is offered for multiple-day bookings - please call 07564 721 035 for details or email.

A packed programme of enriching team activities:
including teacher CPD session

We start with some practical puzzles, such as 4-piece jigsaws or 'stick tricks', which take about 15 minutes and set the theme for the session.

For the next 2-2 1/2 hours, your pupils take part in a range of maths activities tailored to their year group and ability level.  Popular topics and activities include:

  1. paper-folding: investigating angles, symmetry, 2d and 3 d shapes
  2. shape and space poster activities
  3. problem-solving activities
  4. number games
  5. area and perimeter puzzles
  6. maths trails - wide range of topics
  7. fractions, decimals, percentages card games
  8. logic puzzles

  1. making Foundation level GCSE more accessible to lower-ability pupils
  2. geometry challenges
  3. ratio and proportion activities
  4. logic puzzles
  5. maths trails - wide range of topics covered
  6. algebra activities
  7. maths card games

Maths Teacher CPD
All bookings can include a maths teacher CPD session for you and your department - invite local teachers along to share best practice and new, innovative ideas and resources.  

We can focus on a specific topic, eg fractions, or a particular age group, or new approaches to the GCSE curriculum.  Or we can explore a wide range of activities that have been used in events for over 33,000 students and are truly 'tried-and-tested.

Each teacher will receive a CD of materials and hard copies of the resources we work through.

Please call 07564 721 035 for details or email. 

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